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Cheap Case for IPhone 4 4S

The iPhone 4 and 4S series are simply just stunning into their designs; it is actually all-glass design. However, these Smartphone’s are hyper-sensitive and would require extremely careful handling. The easiest method to protect your glass-design Smartphone has a good phone case. In such a case, the fresh Life Proof, Waterproof Shockproof and Dirt-proof case is the greatest option for the security of the apple iphone 4g and 4S.

Product Description

For the reason that name indicates, the Life Proof iPhone 4/4S Case may be intended to withstand anything that May likely impact living of your sensitive phone. So, the situation offers protection to your phone against water, shock, dirt, dent?-anything that poses risk to your longevity and proper functioning of the phone. One could have thought that such super-protective item will be weighty in order to deliver safety for a sensitive phone. Surprisingly, this New Life Proof case for apple iphone 4 and 4S series is nearly weightless and thin, plus being completely water-proof. Perhaps you saw a few other rugged cases that can come very bulky. On the contrary, this new case for iphone 4/4S is simply 0.43 thick. Subsequently, it doesn’t believe that you are carrying an added baggage with your phone.

Product Features

Massive amount Colors: you are not tied to just one or two colors when deciding on the New Life proof Waterproof Case for apple iphone 4g and 4S. The accessible colors include black, pink, purple and white. There a color to suit each person preference.

Case for iPhone 4 4S

Case for iPhone 4 4S

OEM Design/Product; fundamentally, it’s not necessarily an original design.

Waterproof: if you are sensitive iPhone 4/4S retreats into water about six feet, this waterproof case would resist water from entering your phone. The truth is likewise mud proof, with proper sealing to shield your phone from dust particles.

Shock Resistant: should your phone drops accidentally approximately six feet, so will absorb the shock through the fall and stop it from penetrating your sensitive iPhone.

Ultra Light Weight: mentioned previously earlier, this stylish case is actually weightless. So, you’re not adding extra pounds in your iPhone.

The buttons and ports in your apple iphone 4 and 4S are easily accessible no matter if your phone is enclosed in case.

What you need to know

The modern Life Proof case for the new iphone 4 and 4S has a much more effort to set up when compared to the conventional phone cases. Tend not to confuse the waterproof feature for water resistance, so that you should water-test the goods ahead of deploying it.